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Beloved designs…  Old World craftsmanship. Honored traditions that honor women. These are the words most often associated with Jewel Ace. Among today’s elite group of rising jewelry designers who have elevated the lustrous reputation of fusion and Sozo, Jewel Ace has forged a unique place for themselves with their vintage-inspired eternity pendants, earrings and bracelets.

An avid outdoorsman, Jewel Ace romance with Nature is often reflected in their fine jewelry. Their delicately handcrafted floral designs pay homage to the exquisite history of the Mughal Garden, while their sophisticated use of ornate crests and icons reveals a-style fashion sense that is steeped in tradition yet always fashion forward.

That means continually striving for the most brilliant craftsmanship and precious gemstones we can find for our pieces. And then raising the bar every day in our design studios, so that when a woman wears Jewel Ace product, she (and everyone in the room) will know that her body is adorned with a truly beautiful piece of jewelry, one that flatters her every move.” Says Justin: “I’ve always felt a profound responsibility to the women who wears our jewelry".

HANDCRAFTING is our passion…    
At Jewel Ace we take the term “hand-crafted” seriously, paying homage to the tradition set by legendary designers; Says Justin: ”The more human labor we can put into each piece, the more satisfied I feel that we have created an item truly worth owning. You can put any one of our pieces under a micros cope and instantly see that it’s been made by hand-and not just by any hand, but by the hand of an artist.” At jewel Ace each engraved piece is 100 percent hand-engraved from start to finish, a process that can take several hours, or several days, depending on the size of the item.

At Jewel Ace we believe that our jewelry embodies a special magic. Conjured by a fusion of spirit and dedication, labor and craftsmanship, poetry and high art, it flows from the hands of our gifted artisans. It is a uniquely personal magic to which the Jewel Ace wearer is heir, and one that will be passed down through generations.

The Jewel Ace Evolution
From one home store to a recognized national Brand Founded in 15 Nov 2004 by Justin Varkey, Jewel Ace is a true Indian success story, having grown from one hometown store to a full-service multi-channel jewelry company, with 60 franchises in 18 states, National Exhibition wing, Exports and a leading e-commerce website,
Still a proud proprietary-run business, Jewel Ace strives to make every customer “ feel like family,” with personalized service, attention to detail and lasting quality and style.
Jewel Ace International headquartered in Jaipur, The capital city of Rajasthan, India.

The Jewel Ace’ Promise
Founder Justin Varkey would often tell his associates:” The most important thing I’ve learned is that you never argue with a customer. You’ve just got to do right by people. “He carried that philosophy into his treatment of employees, vendors and customers alike, stating that his priorities were to “treat all my people like I’d want to be treated, I respect them and I let them Know they were loved and appreciated.” This philosophy and lifelong commitment has been carried on by the new generation, earning Jewel Ace fiercely loyal customers, vendors and employees.

From these simple but strong beliefs has evolved Jewel Ace’ Promise:” Jewel Ace goal is “To make your life, Simply Impressive.
What does “Simply Impressive “mean? It’s our promise to:

1.    Only offer you the most Impressive jewelry and gifts we can find, and to make your shopping experience simple and easy.
2.    Maintain a standard of service and elegance unlike that of any other jeweler.
3.    Earn your trust just as our Team run business has done for over years.
4.    Do whatever we can to make your life “Simply Impressive”

Jewel Ace Service: From our family to yours
All Jewel Ace items come with the exquisite service and quality upon which Jewel Ace built its reputation since last 5 years….

Jewel Ace Products: Value and Beauty at an Exceptional price
Since its inception, Jewel Ace has been known for its exceptional line of fusion and Sozo jewelry, collectibles, customized and family jewelry. We offer a broad selection of fusion Jewellery, Sozo Jewellery and Minakari Jewellery stud in precious and semiprecious gemstones and pearl and gifts for every occasion

Quality is a Cut above at Jewel Ace
Obsessive about quality, Jewel Ace inspects every piece of merchandise at least twice. The first inspection is done at the manufacturing stage according to our stringent requirements. A second inspection is done again by our trained quality inspectors after we receive the items before they are declared fit to sell to our customers. Additional inspection occur, such as on any item that has been sized or had custom work done, as well as spot inspections during packaging for shipping directly to a customer or to a store

Our People, Professional and Passionate
The passion for beautiful jewelry and exquisite service runs deep at Jewel Ace, from our artisans who make just the right merchandise to delight our customers, to finance personnel going the extra mile to ensure a refund is processed promptly, to our sales team whose vast Knowledge of both products and people can help guide our customers through the most difficult of purchasing decision, from Bridal set to that an exclusive gift.

Jewel Ace provides a professional training program for all associates who will be working with customers to instill detailed knowledge of fusion, Sozo and Minakari Jewellery and a standardized professional and service-oriented demeanor at all Jewel Ace locations, ensuring customers always receive a courteous and knowledgeable experience
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